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Zoom Team-Building Events

How Dutch Can You Become?

60 Minutes of Dutch Fun
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Social. Dutch. Fun.

If you're craving some good old fashioned team bonding, join us for one of our remote events. Our team of Cultural Alchemists cooked them up specially for the Zoom era. They feature lots of Dutch fun that appeal to expats and native alike.


The games also foster creativity, collaboration, and listening skills.

Live Events:

As you can imagine, with the present Covid-19 regulations we are not doing any live events. We look forward to when we can do them, but for now we are pouring all our love and attention into remote Culture Games.

"With the current situation we are facing, this is exactly what they needed" -

Micol, Cartier

How It works...

Remote Package

Price ex 9% btw

Culture Games Amsterdam

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: €400                              
Group Size: 6 - 20 people   


Cost: €600
Group Size: 21 - 40 people


Remote Package

Price ex 9% btw

Culture Games Amsterdam + CHEESE TASTING

Duration: circa 75 mins

Cost: €30pp (€450 min)

Features: Real cheese! (delivered via mail)

  • 200g cheese per person (four cheeses)

  • Top quality cheese (lekker!)

  • Prize of 1/2kg cheese delivered to the winner

We deliver a package to every participant before the games. It includes beer and cheese, and the games will feature one extra game (competitive cheese tasting!).



Simply click the button here, which will take you to our contact page. Tell us your preferred time and date, and we'll be in touch to confirm. Alternatively email

“The Games were a lot of fun. People enjoyed it soooo much!”


AG World Hotels

“Culture Games was a wonderful experience. And a great learning experience on top”

ROD, THNK School of Creative Leadership

"What a wonderful team-building event. Bedankt!"



Whenever you want! Just drop us a line to schedule...


You and your colleagues! Our event is the perfect remote team-building event expats or groups of expats and Dutchies.


60 mins of Dutch fun!

Battle with and against your colleagues in our series of Dutch-themed challenges. They train your inner Jeroen or Lonneke, and by the end you'll know who is the Dutchiest of them all!


Um... online. That's why they're called remote events!


Game Play

New Dutch Identity

The Pragmatic Game

The Art Quiz

Netherlandish Quiz

Games are played in small rotating teams so that you'll compete with and against everyone in the room. The games teach you about the Dutch and convey classic Dutch traits.

For an unforgettable experience...

Culture Games Amsterdam

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