How Dutch Can You Become?

Dutch Fun For All

(Social Distancing Compliant)

2 Hour experience  -  Including Cheese Tasting



Social. Dutch. Fun.

Join us at our central Amsterdam location and strive to become as Dutch as possible. Our scientifically* engineered battery of games teaches you how to be Dutch as you play them. It takes about two hours and includes a competitive cheese tasting. It's collaborative, competitive, and social. Oh, and very very Dutch. 

(*not particularly scientific)

Covid-19: We are of course following all social distancing regulations and guidelines. Presently, gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed, so this is the maximum capacity of one of our events.

Prior to any Culture Games Amsterdam event the space will be arranged to maintain 1,5m distance between participants.

“The Games were a lot of fun. People enjoyed it soooo much!”


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“Culture Games was a wonderful experience. And a great learning experience on top”


“I learned a little, laughed a lot, and ate some cheese”




You and your colleagues! Our games are the perfect team-building events. Our games are for up to 50 people, though smaller groups are totally fine.


Two hours of Dutch fun, including Dutch music and snacks. The games are competitive and collaborative. You'll play with and against your friends.


Our location in central Amsterdam. We'd like to call it an Embassy, but honestly it's not. We'll divulge that info after you book.


Whenever you want! Just drop us a line to schedule...

Game Play

The Windmill Game

The Art Game

Competitive Cheese Tasting


(and possibly two more depending on time)


Games are played in small rotating teams so that you'll compete with and against everyone in the room. The games teach you about the Dutch and convey classic Dutch traits.

For an unforgettable experience...

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